Sibisi CME


  • Give permissions to staff and exercises his discretion
  • Determines allocations, timetable, resultant schedule times
  • Specify and allocate all duties then consults
  • Ensures educators attend programmes of the department 80 hours
  • Professional management of the school
  • Gives proper instructions and guidelines on admissions
  • Keeps school accounts, records and the proper use of funds
  • Keeps the school journal, regular inspections on premises and equipment
  • Gives circulars and other information to the staff
  • Handles all correspondence to the school
  • Workload distribution to all staff members
  • Engages in staff development programmes
  • Participates in staff development appraisals and development
  • Ensures evaluation and assessment is done to standard
  • In charge of the recruitment drive and promotion of the school
  • Engages in community and department activities
  • Liaise with the Departments and other structures
  • Meet with the parents and any stakeowner in education

All other duties are specified and allocated by the Principal after consultation with staff. IDSO / Cluster Leader

  • To develop a profile of all schools allocated to him / her as per the required format.
  • To conduct focused school monitoring visits at allocated schools, to facilitate compliance with national / provincial policies.
  • To development programme for the SMTs, SGBs and RCLs on Leadership, Management and Governance.
  • To ensure that the School Management Teams (SMTs) provide guidance and support to educators on an ongoing basis.
  • To ensure that the schools implement IQMS and PMDS as required by legislation.
  • To develop the schools in areas of weaknesses pertaining to leadership, management and governance.
  • To provide schools with broad curriculum support.
  • To liaise with the schools on behalf of the district / provincial office with respect to information that may be required.
  • To evaluate the physical infrastructure of schools and communicate to the relevant section of the Department in terms of the needs of schools.
  • To assist the district in ensuring that the examinations are implemented according to plan.
  • To develop the necessary reports on the allocated schools as may be required from time to time by their senior officials.
  • To ensure that the school has effective and efficient financial management systems in place.
  • To monitor the admissions process.
  • To assist schools in maintaining a fair labour environment.
  • To assist with transformation at all schools in his / her jurisdiction.
  • To ensure that the principals takes full responsibility for the management of the assets of their schools

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