How to complete the admission form

To complete the admission form you must: 

1. Complete the form in full 

2. Submit all required documents (Birth certificate, report card, immunization card) 

3. Ensure that all the information on the form is correct and contact numbers are available 

4. Receive a waiting list number when handing in the form. The number will advise you othe position 

Waiting List A : If you the parent home address or work address is closest to the school 

If your child has a brother or a sister (sibling) at this school 

Waiting List B : Learners who do not qualify in terms of the above 

4. From the 24th of October to the 01st of November you will be informed by SMS of 

the outcome of your registration. 

5. You may also be required to fill in other forms at school and they are not necessarily the 

conditions for admission to the school. 

6. Donations of any kind will be accepted at school and will be receipted 

NB. Kindly submit your application as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Admissions closing date is the 21st October

Number on Waiting List A 21 / / 

Number on Waiting List B 21/ / 

Date, signature and school Official stamp on receiving admission form 

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