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Tswelelo Primary School was established in 1974 emanating from Sedimosang Combined School during the tenure of the late Motjuwadi R.D. Mr. as the Principal and the school was opting for a Higher Primary level. The founding Principal was then Motjuwadi A.M. Mrs as Principal of Tswelelo Primary. The school started with a roll of 338 learners and 5 educators under difficult environmental conditions. The decision was to merge the school with the then Matlapaneng Lower Primary School. Through the challenges experienced the school relocated and a proper structure was established in the present area with 16 classrooms at the end of August 1980.

Other Joined in from 1981 to 1990. Different changes took place with different management structures. During 1994 the present staff members in no specific order were: Motjuwadi AM , Marumo LK, Phukuile SM, Fanele WL, Segoe FS, Mokgoabone AM, Leeuw LS, Mafojane EM, Manganya HK, Molale MM, Setlatjile LM, Ngoka GM, Lovinga PM, Legoale SM, Fatyela IB, Mothopeng JM, Segone EI, Mukoki S and Phalatse TS.

General Assistants were also there in no specific order, Shelembe A Ms., Kaime S Ms., Xokiyana L Ms., Simamane LL Ms., Abel Oom Mr., Dikana Mr., Marite SB Mr., Nxumalo V Mr., Ntsele N Mr., Masigo S Ms., Mafika E Ms. and Mokgosi E Ms. In 1995 the then Principal retired and Marumo KL Ms. acted as Principal till 1997. Through developments and changing management the school was headed by Segoe SJJ Mr. from 1997 until 2010 the year of the world cup. Gender had then transformed radically. In the beginning of 2011 new developments took place in the reconstruction of the institution due to retirements, promotions and attrition.

The institution in 2011 was under the leadership and management of SIBISI CME Mr. (Senior Manager), Rajuile MR Mr. ( Deputy Principal), Segone E Mr. (HOD Intesen), Nakaphala MM Mr. (HOD Intesen), Setlatjile LM Ms. (HOD Foundation), Koapeng PM Ms. (HOD Intesen) Educators: Banda L Ms., Mafojane EM Ms., Marokoane MR Ms., Peteke RJ Mr., Setlhatswe RG Ms., Legoale SM Ms., ( Retired, attrition and transferred) General Assistants: Manjenje IM, Mafika E Ms, ( Transferred and Retired) Practitioners: Mosia KD Ms, Seboge B, Educators: Ngoka GM Ms., Gudu LJ Ms., Mothlabe DK Ms., Zondo H Ms.,Modimoeng RG Ms., Lolwane ME Ms., { Foundation Phase} Manganyi HK Ms., Lovinga PM Ms., Sibanda B Mr., Lephoto NC Ms., Lekgatle AP Mr., Segale KK Mr., Marumule PM Mr., Modirwa J Mr., Segoe FS Ms., Banda SC Ms., Rakodi GJ Ms., Administration Assistants: Pule K Mr. and Simamane LL Ms. General Workers: Gcinumkhonto MV Mr., Mokgosi E Ms., Ntsele PM Mr., Nxumalo VJ Mr., Ramphomane MM Ms.

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