Koapeng PM

Deputy Principal

  • Assist Principal and deputise during his absence
  • If instructed she does school admin and all of the above pertaining to Principal that is
  • Duty rooster, Evaluation and assessment
  • School calendar dates, Admissions of new learners and allocations
  • Class streaming and school functions, School finance and maintenance
  • General cleanliness, repairs of furniture and maintenance
  • Supervises stocktaking exercises
  • Engages in class teaching, School curriculum and pedagogy, Programmes and teaching practice, Counselling learners, discipline in general, welfare and attendance of learners. Extra and Co-curricular activities, professional committees
  • Guides and supervise work and performance of staff
  • Write reports and countersign them
  • Appraisal development participation, Supervise RCL, Meet parents and discuss progress of learners
  • Liaise with the Department on behalf of the Principal
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